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How do I help FLAG DOWN a inappropriate ad?

We have always had helpful users on our site who inform us of these types of ads via our help desk. We now have a powerful tool for our community to use in this effort called Community Flagging.

Please help us remove ("flag down") these unwanted ads so that your searches can be clear of unwanted listings that don't belong on TackTrader.

If you see an ad such as those listed above on our site, please be sure you are logged in to our site via your TackTrader Account. Then go to the ad and click the FLAG AD button found on the full-page ad in the tools section near the Email Friend, Save Ad, Print Flyer buttons. Choose the reason for the flag and click submit. If you did not mean to flag the ad, click Cancel instead.

After a certain number of flags are placed on an ad, it will be automatically FLAGGED DOWN by our community so that it can no longer been seen in our search results listings. This is a quick and easy way to alert our staff to problem ads.

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  • 04-Jul-2016