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Why can't I find my ad on your site?

If you have an ad online and cannot find it using our search forms, please be sure to proofread your ad very carefully.  Please pay special attention to all the fields that you are using as criteria in your search.  What we usually find is that the ad is not saved the way you think it is saved. 
We often see problems like extra SPACES between the words in the Ad Title or an ad being saved in the wrong category or sub-category.
When your search includes these incorrect criteria, it will not match your ad.
When searching by ad title, there may be extra spaces between words either on the ad itself or in your search criteria which would cause it not to match.  Try searching for just one word in the ad title using the "contains" search option.
If you need further assistance, please provide full details on exactly how you are searching for your ad (EVERY criteria you are using) as well as your Item ID and we will try to assist further by comparing your search criteria to your ad as it is saved online.

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  • 14-Jul-2016